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What are the requirements for MCC personnel?

In order to work or serve with MCC, you must meet three faith criteria:

  1. You are committed to Christian faith.
  2. You actively participate in a Christian church or Christian community.
  3. You are committed to peace and nonviolence.

Do I need to attend a Mennonite or Brethren in Christ church?

No. MCC personnel come from many Christian denominations.

Do I have to follow any guidelines while working with MCC? 

Yes. All MCC personnel sign a Code of Conduct which outlines our faith qualifications as well as our personal and professional conduct requirements.


Download more information about MCC’s policies and personal conduct requirements.

What’s the difference between salaried staff, Service Workers and volunteers?

Salaried staff– MCC salaried staff are paid employees, typically located in the U.S. or Canada, who work on a salaried or hourly basis. Salaried staff receive a modest salary and a comprehensive benefits package.

Service Workers – Service Workers are long-term volunteers who are full-time, unpaid MCC personnel. These assignments are generally one to five years long and can be in the U.S., Canada or countries around the world. Support for Service Workers allows for a healthy, modest lifestyle that reflects the values of our supporting and hosting communities. Service Workers are not paid a salary but all their necessary living expenses are covered and they receive a modest monthly allowance as well as a comprehensive benefits package.

Volunteers – MCC volunteers contribute to MCC by donating their time and do not receive financial compensation. MCC material resource centers, thrift shops and other programs often are looking for people who can give a few hours a week or a few months of their time.

What financial support does MCC provide?

Salaried/Hourly Staff

At MCC our highest salary is no more than five times the lowest salary. That means salaries for entry level positions are generally above market rates and management salaries are generally below market rates.

Some benefits we provide our employees are:

  • Medical, dental and vision coverage*
  • Retirement contributions
  • Holidays, vacation and sick days
  • Life insurance
  • Training and professional development

Service Workers

All international positions and some positions in the United States and Canada are filled by Service Workers, which means there is no salary. While you’re serving with MCC we cover your expenses, including:

  • A modest monthly allowance
  • Food, housing and transportation
  • Medical, dental and vision coverage
  • School fees for dependent children
  • Vacation time and allowance
  • Life insurance
  • Student loan repayment assistance
  • A resettlement allowance for when your term is over
  • Retirement contributions for some workers

Levels of support for service workers will vary, with first level service workers able to return to life post-service in the same relative economic state they were in pre-service, and longer-term leadership-level service workers able to build modest equity toward retirement.

Can I serve with MCC if I have a family?

Yes. MCC has personnel who are single, married or have families with children. However, placing large families can sometimes be more difficult because of availability of schools, housing and transportation.

When couples apply for a term with MCC, both people need to meet MCC’s requirements and we try to find a position for both. We prefer that couples be married at least one year before they start serving with MCC.

Some assignments are better suited for individuals or couples without children because of travel demands or availability of schools. When that’s the case we will always make it clear in the job description.

How long are MCC assignments?

Service Worker assignments in the U.S. and overseas are usually three years long, and in Canada they’re generally for two years. Leadership positions like MCC representatives or area directors are usually five years long.

We also have programs specifically for young adults that are one year long.

Does MCC have any short-term volunteer positions?

Occasionally we have short-term assignments, sabbaticals or internships available. When we do they will be listed with our open positions.

What kind of training does MCC provide?

MCC provides all personnel with appropriate orientation, including specific information about your location and position.

You are expected to meet all the qualifications listed in the job description before beginning a position with us; however we do provide some training such as language study when it’s needed for your work.


*This link leads to the machine-readable files of MCC's health plan that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine-readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to access and analyze data more easily.