Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach
Phone: (202) 544-6564, ext. 62112
Email: rachelleschlabach@mcc.org
Areas of focus: Middle East 


Tammy Alexander
Senior Legislative Associate for Domestic Affairs
Phone: (202) 544-6564, ext. 62113
Email: tammyalexander@mcc.org
Areas of focus: Immigration, environment, human trafficking 


Charles Obiorah Kwuelum
Legislative Associate
Phone: (202) 544-6564, ext. 62116
Email: charleskwuelum@mcc.org
Areas of focus: Africa, Food Security, and Global HIV/AIDS 


Charissa Zehr
Legislative Associate for International Affairs
Phone: (202) 544-6564, ext. 62118
Email: charissazehr@mcc.org
Areas of focus: Latin America & Asia


Cherelle M. Dessus
Legislative Assistant/Communications Coordinator
Phone: (202) 544-6564, ext. 62111
Email: cherelledessus@mcc.org
Areas of focus: Criminal justice reform, Native American advocacy, gun violence