Tell Congress: 70 years of suffering is enough! Stop the killing, hold Israel accountable, and support human rights for all

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"How long can this go on? How long?" This was the cry of Ayman al-Sahbani, head of the emergency department at the al-Shifaa hospital in Gaza City, as medical facilities in Gaza struggled to cope with those wounded in protests on May 14.

Background: The protests were part of the ongoing Great March of Return, a series of demonstrations calling attention to the Palestinians' right to return to lands from which their families were displaced in 1948 and to the suffocating siege under which Palestinians in Gaza live today. The Israeli military has responded with lethal force to the protests, with more than 100 Palestinians killed and more than 12,000 injured since they began on March 30.

The protests in Gaza, and others in the West Bank, took place on the day U.S. officials celebrated the move of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a decision that places the United States firmly on one side of the conflict and disregards the rights and needs of the Palestinian people.

Faith reflection: "The Psalmist laments and cries out, 'How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever?' Palestinians have long asked 'how long?' and looked for signs that they are not forgotten." -Excerpt from "70 years on: Seeking a hopeful future in a time of yearning"

 Take Action 

Action: Tell your elected officials that 70 years is enough! Ask them to:

  • Call for an end to the use of violence by Israeli forces against the protesters and a review of U.S. military aid to Israel;
  • Insist on an end to the Gaza blockade and humanitarian relief for the people of Gaza; and 
  • Support policies that promote the human rights of all people, including Palestinians and Israelis.

Statement by MCC U.S. and 13 other Christian organizations | Statement by Association of International Development Agencies


Alert created May 17, 2018 by Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach, director. Based on an alert from the Faith Forum on Middle East Policy, a coalition of which the MCC U.S. Washington Office is a part. 

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