Email your Member of Congress asking them to sign the letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on cholera in Haiti. The letter urges the UN to accept responsibility for bringing cholera to Haiti and to act immediately for cholera remedies as infection rates rise post-Hurricane Matthew.

Background: Cholera was introduced to Haiti in 2010 when contaminated waste from a UN peacekeeper camp was negligently discharged into Haiti’s main waterway. Official records suggest the epidemic has killed 10,000 people and made more than 800,000 ill. The spread of cholera after Hurricane Matthew indicates these numbers could rise dramatically.

The UN’s recent admission acknowledging a role in bringing cholera to Haiti has made a renewed response possible. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has offered a new cholera action plan that includes material assistance to victims. The UN’s ability to recover its credibility as a moral voice will depend on its next steps in securing funding and implementing the plan.

The United States government can play an important role in offering funding for the plan and ensuring UN action. U.S. Congressional leadership on cholera can pressure the Obama Administration to make this a priority before the end of its term.

Faith Reflection: Our faith compels us to stand in solidarity with all people created in God’s image who are victims of injustice. As we do the work of justice and mercy, we cannot forget those impacted by cholera in Haiti.

Action: Ask your Member of Congress to sign the letter urging the UN to accept responsibility in bringing cholera to Haiti and act immediately for cholera remedies.

Alert prepared by Charissa Zehr, Legislative Associate for International Affairs, November 7, 2016.

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