Provide critical relief items 

You can be part of a network of help and hope for families caught in conflict this Easter.

The civil war in Myanmar isn’t making the news anymore. But it should be.

The military has overthrown the first democratic government in decades. Homes, fields, and villages are burning. Children and families have fled to the jungles. And humanitarian relief workers are being thrown in prison.  

As one of our contacts on the ground puts it, “Myanmar is in the moment where Jesus is on the cross crying out.”

And as people of faith, we don’t want anyone to feel forsaken.

This Easter, will you reach out to families caught in conflict and let them know they haven’t been forgotten?

Our colleagues have identified the following three items as the most important for families sheltering in the jungle:

  • For $35.29 you can provide a first aid kit with items like bandages, cotton wool, sanitizer, painkillers and diaper rash cream.
  • For $46.15, you can provide food items like rice, cooking oil, beans, dry fish, onions and salt — things that guarantee nutrition and energy when food is scarce.
  • For $165.25, you can provide shelter supplies like bamboo matting, binding wire and tarpaulin — so families can construct shelters to keep them dry in the rain. (And safe from being identified by overhead planes!)
  • Or, for $246.69, you can provide all three!

These simple relief items are lifesavers — not just for families who have had to flee into the unknown in Myanmar, but in other countries, too!

Thank you for your partnership. Your generosity will serve as a reminder that these people have not been forgotten — that there are those who still see them, hear them, and care about them.

Provide critical relief items

Your generous gift can get first aid, food and shelter supplies to families caught in conflict.