Please note: if you are under 18 years of age, you must download, print and have your parent or guardian sign the downloadable waiver. Please bring it to the ride or your registration will not be valid.

Mark one T-shirt size per rider
List names of all riders in family group. If you would like additional T-shirts, please note the quantities and sizes here and enclose an additional $10/shirt.

Before registering online, you must read, understand, and agree to the following terms. You may register online only by reading and accepting the due risk you are taking by participating in this ride. 

Terms and Conditions: I acknowledge that participating in the Mennonite Central Committee’s MCC Flatlander bicycle ride is a potentially hazardous activity. I will not participate unless I am medically able to do so, am properly trained and have resources to cover medical cost for injuries that may occur. I understand the risks associated with participating in this event, including accidental injury or death resulting from a fall, contact with other riders and contact with traffic along the route. I assume full responsibility for personal injury that may occur during the MCC Flatlander, and will pay my own medical expenses in the event of accident, illness or other incapacity. I waive any and all additional notice of the existence of dangerous conditions associated with the MCC Flatlander and assume responsibility to exercise my own judgment in evaluating those conditions. With knowledge of these facts and in consideration of the acceptance of this entry application, I, for myself, my heir and anyone acting in my place or on my behalf, DISCHARGE AND RELEASE MENNONITE CENTRAL COMMITTEE, MENNONITE CENTRAL COMMITTEE CENTRAL STATES, AND THEIR STAFF, AND MEMBERS OF THE MCC FLATLANDER BICYCLE RIDE COMMITTEE FROM ANY AND ALL CLAIMS AND ACTIONS AT LAW FOR DAMAGES OR MONETARY AWARDS ARISING OUT OF MY PARTICIPATION IN THE MCC FLATLANDER BICYCLE RIDE, INCLUDING INJURY TO MY PERSON OR PROPERTY CAUSED BY AN ACT OR FAILURE TO ACT BY THE ABOVE ENTITIES AND PERSONS. I will wear a helmet and obey the rules of the road. By reading and understanding these terms and conditions, and clicking "Yes," I intend to be legally bound by all the terms and conditions of the waiver of claims.