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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, MCC continues to work for relief, development and peace in the name of Christ. COVID-19 affects all of us everywhere – all of the countries where MCC works and of all the churches and communities that support our work. We thank you for your continued support as we respond creatively around the world.

Please utilize and share these pre-recorded resources with your congregation, Sunday School class, small group gathering and beyond. On this page you’ll find sermons, greetings, children’s stories, Sunday School presentations and other MCC resources for your faith community to enjoy and discuss as you gather in person or virtually in the coming months. As you share about MCC’s ministries with your congregation during our centennial year, and as resources allow, we invite congregations to support vulnerable people worldwide with a gift to MCC at mcc.org/centennial/new-hope.

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Ron Byler | Greeting #1

Speaker: Ron Byler | Executive Director, MCC U.S.
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“We could not have expected that in MCC’s centennial year, a disaster would hit the world of a magnitude of the coronavirus pandemic.” Hear from Ron as he shares how your support is making a difference during these challenging times.

Ron Byler | Greeting #2

Speaker: Ron Byler | Executive Director, MCC U.S.
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For almost 100 years now, MCC has provided the bread of the Lord's compassion and the abundance of God's steadfast love in Ukraine and around the world. MCC U.S. Director Ron Byler shares stories from a recent trip to the birthplace of MCC’s global ministry in the name of Christ.

Ron and Sally Jo Milne | Greeting

Speakers: Ron & Sally Jo Milne | Interim Country Representatives, MCC Northeast Asia
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With 53 years of connection with MCC, Ron and Sally Jo share how their lives have been changed by joining MCC’s relief, development and peace work around the world. 

Gopar Tapkida | Greeting

Speaker: Gopar Tapkida | Country Representative, MCC Zimbabwe
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Hear firsthand how MCC is making a difference around the world and particularly in Zimbabwe. 


Our life, as a fragrant scent before Christ | Sermon (SPANISH)

Speaker: Andrew Bodden | Program Director, MCC East Coast

John 12:1-8
From the story of the alabaster box (also found in Matthew 26:6-13 and Mark 14:3-9), Andrew explains how a heart full of gratitude towards God for the blessings received can produce an act of love. 

Walking in the truth | Sermon

Speaker: Krista Dutt | Chicago Program Coordinator, MCC Great Lakes
2 Corinthians 3
Using the history of MCC and the current story of MCC in Chicago, Krista walks through what a bold hope looks like as we celebrate MCC’s 100th birthday. 

MCC—100 years of service in the name of Christ | Sermon

Speaker: Alain Epp Weaver | Director of Strategic Planning in the Planning, Learning, Disaster Response Department, MCC Binational
Galatians 6:9-10
Learn more about how MCC is working through the family of faith to do good to all people. 

A hearty appetite for God’s work | Sermon

Speaker: Lee Martin | SWAP West Virginia Location Coordinator, MCC Great Lakes
Matthew 5:6
Reflections on the fourth beatitude and the history and ongoing ministry of MCC, including the Sharing With Appalachian People (SWAP) program in Appalachia. 

MCC accepts Jesus’ challenge to an upside-down world | Sermon

Speaker: Ken Sensenig | Assistant Director, MCC East Coast
Luke 4:16-30
For 100 years, MCC has embraced Jesus’ inaugural address offered in a Galilean synagogue. MCC carries this mandate into 50 countries today. 

The touch of Jesus | Sermon

Speaker: Gwen White | Board Chair, MCC U.S.
Matthew 8:1-3
In a time of anxiety and uncertainty, MCC is extending the touch of Jesus to those in need around the world. 

MCC Great Lakes centennial service of celebration

Celebrate 100 years of MCC with music, reflections, greetings, children's time and a powerful sermon from a livestreamed worship service from Prairie Street Mennonite Church in Elkhart, Ind.

Great Lakes centennial celebration | Spanish |

Great Lakes centennial celebration | Spanish |

Children's stories

100 years of serving in the name of Christ | Children's story

Speaker: Jenn Esbenshade | Board Member, MCC East Coast
Enjoy a child-focused explanation of the work of MCC over the last 100 years and learn how kids can support MCC. 

MCC canning songs and stories | Children's story

Speaker: Les Gustafson-Zook | Constituent Relations Coordinator, MCC Great Lakes
Sing along with Les and learn about the MCC meat canner and feeding hungry people around the world. Check out the “canjo” he plays, built from an actual meat can! 

Where there is life, there is hope | Children's story (SPANISH)

Speaker: Michael Antonio Quezada Somarriba | 2019-2020 International Volunteer Exchange Program (IVEP) Participant from Nicaragua
Hear more about Michael’s IVEP journey and about MCC’s work with meat canning and comforters.

Hello from Kenya | Children's story

Speakers: The Snader Family: Brian, Krista, Brandon & Lucinda | Interim Country Representatives, MCC Kenya
Interact with the Snader family in Kenya! Hear about Kenyan animals, learn a Kenyan song and see a dramatization of the story of the good Samaritan.

Sunday school class

Thousands upon thousands live | Sunday school class

Speaker: Bruce Campbell-Janz | Executive Director, MCC East Coast

Psalm 90:14-17
A look at God’s calling on MCC at its formation 100 years ago and what that same calling means today in MCC’s domestic and global work carried out in the name of Christ.   

Discussion Questions: 

  • How have you seen others reach out "as lighthouses in the sea" when people are in need? 
  • How do we hear voices of our sisters and brothers who are struggling?  How are we alert to their needs? 
  • What would the tag line of your congregation/group/organization be? 
  • How do we truly know others so we can authentically walk with them?  Relationship-building has been key to MCC’s work for ten decades. 
  • How do we connect to God’s will for our congregation/group/organization?  Knowing that with strength comes responsibility, how do we follow God’s call into the community and world? 

Reframing the Vietnam War | Sunday school class

Speaker: Caleb Schrock-Hurst | Anniversary Project Facilitator, MCC Vietnam

Ephesians 6:12
Known by the Vietnamese people as “The American War,” Caleb urges listeners to reframe where conflicts originate and how long they last. Discover where MCC’s 65-year history in Vietnam fits into that story. Includes discussion questions.  

Discussion Questions: 

  • How were you impacted by the Vietnam War? For older folks: have you communicated your experiences to your children and grandchildren? For younger: how did you learn about the war? 
  • What legacy has the Vietnam War left in your communities? Are there survivors of this war in your communities? How can you help them? 
  • Have you ever done overseas service, or consider it? Why or why not? 
  • Was it the right thing for MCC to risk personnel in Vietnam during a conflict? Should MCC send workers to conflict zones today? 
  • How have you benefited from colonialism? Are there things you can do to share those advantages or level the playing field? 

Let’s pass the peace | Sunday school class

Speaker: Hyacinth Stevens | New York Program Coordinator, MCC East Coast

Matthew 25:35-40
Passing on the peace is more than just words and gestures in churches—it's actions and a way to engage with our neighbors. This is the work of MCC—moving from the pew out into the community and world. 

Discussion Questions: 

  • What does “passing on the peace” mean to you? 
  • Who is your neighbor? 
  • How can your small group/Sunday School Class /church move from the pew out into the community? 
  • In what ways can your small group/Sunday School Class/church be more involved in the ministries of MCC?


En español:

En medio de la pandemia de COVID-19, el CCM continúa trabajando por el alivio, el desarrollo y la paz en nombre de Cristo. No podríamos haber esperado que en el año centenario del CCM, el mundo se vería afectado por un desastre de la magnitud de la pandemia de coronavirus. A diferencia del desastre en lo que hoy es Ucrania hace 100 años, COVID-19 nos afecta a todos en todas partes, a todos los países donde trabaja el CCM y a todas las iglesias y comunidades que apoyan nuestro trabajo. Le agradecemos por su apoyo continuo mientras respondemos creativamente en los lugares en los que trabajamos en todo el mundo.

Utilice y comparta estos recursos pregrabados con su congregación, clase de escuela dominical, grupos pequeños y más. En esta página encontrará sermones, saludos del personal del personal en todo el mundo, historias para niños, presentaciones de escuela dominical y otros recursos del CCM para que su comunidad de fe disfrute y discuta mientras se reúne en persona o virtualmente en los próximos meses. Al compartir sobre los ministerios del CCM con su congregación durante nuestro año centenario, y según lo permitan los recursos, invitamos a las congregaciones a apoyar a las personas vulnerables en todo el mundo con un regalo para el CCM en mcc.org/centennial/new-hope.


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Where there is life, there is hope | Children's story (SPANISH)

Speaker: Michael Antonio Quezada Somarriba | 2019-2020 International Volunteer Exchange Program (IVEP) Participant from Nicaragua
Escucha sobre la experiencia de Michael con el Programa Internacional de Intercambio Voluntario (conocido por sus siglas IVEP en inglés) y sobre el trabajo del CCM con la carne enlatada y las colchas.

Our life, as a fragrant scent before Christ | Sermon (SPANISH)

Speaker: Andrew Bodden | Program Director, MCC East Coast

Juan 12:1-8
De la historia de la caja de alabastro (que también se encuentra en Mateo 25:6-13 y Marcos 14:3-9), Andrew Bodden explica cómo el corazón lleno de gratitud hacia nuestro Dios por las bendiciones que hemos recibido pueden puedan animarnos a realizar actos de amor. 


Recursos Litúrgicos del CCM 

En 2020, el Comité Central Menonita (CCM) celebra cien años de compartir el amor y la compasión de Dios con la gente en el nombre de Cristo. Lo invitamos a usar estos recursos litúrgicos al reflexionar sobre el trabajo de reconciliación de Dios en su vida, en la Iglesia y alrededor del mundo.