meal served at MCC Mobile Cannery dedication in North Newton
The first step: Supporting displaced families in Iraq August 25, 2015
Inspired by local partners August 24, 2015
Building friendships by providing relief August 20, 2015
New Warehouse Coordinator July 30, 2015
aerial view of comforters
Partnerships with local community groups July 27, 2015
Johanna Sutter
A life touched by the gift of material resources June 29, 2015
Long-term ties in western Europe June 26, 2015
In Nepal: Metal sheeting, safer construction June 25, 2015
Captured: Vlad’s story May 29, 2015
By tractor, truck and foot, supplies reach rural Nepal May 18, 2015
STORY MAP: MCC responds to earthquakes in Nepal May 14, 2015
MCC delivers relief supplies in Nepal May 7, 2015
Upper Midwest Relief Sale
Milestone Reached at Relief Sale May 5, 2015