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K-12 schools, Orphans and vulnerable children

Seed of Hope

Seed of Hope

62 sponsors needed now

Ouagadougou has the highest rate of HIV in a country ransacked by AIDS. Children who lose parents to AIDS—or who have AIDS—have dramatically worse chances of attending school. Seed of Hope brings hope to children torn by the AIDS pandemic. Your support pays for school, food and medical costs, and the salary of a program coordinator.

Location: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Partner: Action SIDA des Assembles de Dieu (ASAD)

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House of Hope

House of Hope

74 sponsors needed now

Hoping to make a better life for their family, many rural Haitian parents send children to live with relatives in Port-au-Prince. Unfortunately these children often become restavek (domestic slaves)—forced to do hard labor, live in squalid conditions and endure abuse. Your gift to House of Hope provides education and life skills training to help children escape this system of violence.

Location: Carrefour Feuilles, Haiti
Partner: Ecumenical Foundation for Peace and Justice (FOPJ)

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AJOSMO Orphans

AJOSMO Orphans

66 sponsors needed now

AJOSMO (Assistance of Young Orphans without Means) is the Christian women’s union of an Evangelical church in N'Djamena, Chad. The group believes it is their Christian duty to care for widows and orphans. War and AIDS have left many orphans in Chad. Your gift helps AJOSMO pay for school fees, books, uniforms and food for hundreds of children in N'Djamena.

Location: N'Djamena, Chad
Partner: Assistance of Young Orphans without Means (AJOSMO)

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Education First

Education First

46 sponsors needed now

HIV/AIDS has created a growing number of orphans and vulnerable children in the Nyantira neighborhood of Dar es Salaam. Most end up on the streets, without schooling and involved with drugs or crime. Education First brings education to orphans and children from single parent families or families who can’t afford school. Your support helps purchase school supplies and pay school fees.

Location: Kitunda, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Partner: Jamil Empowerment Initiative (JEI)

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K-12 schools, Special needs students

Education for All

Education for All

21 sponsors needed now

In Beni Suef—a poor governorate up the Nile River from Cairo—most jobs are in agriculture and manufacturing. Girls and children with disabilities often are not considered employable and have fewer opportunities for education. ECOD raises awareness about disabilities and mentors young people to achieve their potential. Your gift pays for books, materials and other school expenses.

Location: El Fashn, Egypt
Partner: St. Mary Church and Ekhlas Coptic Organization for Development (ECOD)

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Arab Episcopal School

Arab Episcopal School

42 sponsors needed now

Arab Episcopal School is the only school in northern Jordan that enrolls blind and visually impaired students with sighted students. It provides peace education based on democracy, respect for human rights and emphasis on volunteer work. Since its beginning in 2003 the school has grown dramatically. Your support helps finance teacher salaries and building renovations.

Location: Irbid, Jordan
Partner: Arab Episcopal School

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K-12 schools, War-affected

Education for Displaced Children

Education for Displaced Children

39 sponsors needed now

War has forced over nine million people to flee their homes in Syria. Half of them are children. Many have dropped out of school. Unemployment and rising costs put education out of reach for many families. Your support covers tuition fees for more than 150 children to attend church-based schools across the country. Additional information available on request.

Location: multiple locations in Syria
Partner: Syrian Orthodox Church

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Displaced Children

Displaced Children

70 sponsors needed now

War has displaced hundreds of thousands of people in the Kivu region. Children in displaced families often cannot attend school and are at risk of exploitation, delinquency and substance abuse. Your gift protects children living in two internally displaced persons (IDP) camps near Lake Kivu by paying fees and providing supplies for them to attend local schools.

Location: Shasha and Mubimbi IDP camps, DR Congo
Partner: Church of Christ of Congo (ECC-MERU)

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K-12 schools

Sichuan Scholarships

19 sponsors needed now

Without secondary education, young rural Chinese often become migrant factory workers. With China’s climbing tuition costs and limited family resources, your gift makes a lifelong difference in providing an education that will ensure future job stability. Global Family’s Sichuan scholarships cover tuition, books and clothing costs for students in the Guang’an area of Sichuan province. Additional information available on request.

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Access to Education

Access to Education

12 sponsors needed now

The population of Hassake has doubled from Syrians fleeing violence elsewhere in the country. The city struggles to provide basic services. Many families cannot afford rising school costs. Your contribution pays for students in Nasare neighborhood who can’t afford education. They attend Amal Primary School, a Syrian Orthodox school that accepts children from any religion or ethnic background. Additional information available on request.

Location: Hassake, Syria
Partner: Syrian Orthodox Church

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K-12 schools, Mennonite/Brethren in Christ programs, Teacher training, War-affected

Education Brings Hope

15 sponsors needed now

Families displaced by rural conflict began to settle on the slopes of Cazucá, Bogotá, in the 1980s. The El Progreso neighborhood still has no water or sewer and faces regular gang violence. Children are malnourished; two-thirds do not go to school. Your gift provides salaries, food and teaching supplies for a preschool and primary school of the Colombian Mennonite Brethren Church.

Location: El Progreso neighborhood, Cazucá, Bogotá
Partner: Colombian Mennonite Brethren Church 

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Career training, K-12 schools, Orphans and vulnerable children

Song Kibse (Welcome the Orphans)

Song Kibse (Welcome the Orphans)

35 sponsors needed now

In Burkina Faso it is common for extended family to take in children who are vulnerable or orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately many host families cannot afford additional children. With your support Song Kibse helps families in Pô with school fees, clothing and medication, and offers a stipend to its volunteers.

Location: Pô, Burkina Faso
Partner: Song-Kibse (Welcome the Orphans)

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Ethnic minorities, Girls, Informal education, K-12 schools

Sisters for Sisters

57 sponsors needed now

In Bangladesh, girls have not had equal access to education. Although this situation is changing, some remain left behind as scarce family resources are too often directed towards the sons. With the practice of early marriage, girls often have children by age 14. What opportunity do they then have to change their life? Your gift supports religious communities of Sisters to run hostels for girls. They are provided housing, food, education and lots of love.

Location: multiple locations in northeast and eastern Bangladesh
Partner: various Catholic agencies

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K-12 schools, Mennonite/Brethren in Christ programs, Teacher training

Menno Kids Academy

26 sponsors needed now

The Mathare Valley of Nairobi is a very poor urban area. Mathare North Mennonite Church began Menno Kids Academy on church property. Hundreds of preschool through middle school age students attend each day. Many who come to school arrive hungry; the school provides one meal per day. Your support helps pay for teacher stipends, books, sanitation and food costs.

Location: Mathare NorthNairobi, Kenya
Partner: Menno Kids Academy

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Mukuru Mennonite Academy

39 sponsors needed now

In Nairobi’s Mukuru slums, Mukuru Mennonite Academy serves children preschool to Grade 7. Among these “poorest of the poor,” many students are orphaned or live in single parent or “child-headed” homes. Embakasi Mennonite Church houses two classrooms and there are two additional classrooms in a new stone building. Your gift supports teacher stipends, education needs and one meal per day for students.

Location: Embakasi, Nairobi, Kenya
Partner: Mukuru Menno Academy

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K-12 schools, Orphans and vulnerable children, Teacher training

Village Altonodji

Village Altonodji

155 sponsors needed now

War and AIDS have left thousands of children vulnerable around Moundou, Chad. Village Altonodji serves 300 of these children. It offers kindergarten through high school with nine dormitories and a bakery, library, chapel and sewing workshop on site. Your gift trains student leaders and staff and provides school supplies, food and uniforms for students.

Location: Moundou, Chad
Partner: Société pour L’Enfanceet le Développement au Tchad (SCPEDT)

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Matabeleland South

68 sponsors needed now

Zimbabwe’s political and economic crisis has caused total collapse of the education system. Poor salaries have forced teachers to leave the country. Global Family supports schools in Matabeleland South province. Your support helps schools survive by funding school fees, uniforms, textbooks and other costs for orphaned and vulnerable children. Support also goes towards teaching supplies and training for teachers.

Location: Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe
Partner: Matabeleland South Schools

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Matabeleland North

45 sponsors needed now

Zimbabwe’s political and economic crisis has caused total collapse of the education system. Poor salaries have forced teachers to leave the country. Global Family supports schools in Matabeleland North province. Your support helps schools survive by funding school fees, uniforms, textbooks and other costs for orphaned and vulnerable children. Support also goes towards teaching supplies and training for teachers.

Location: Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe
Partner: Matabeleland North Schools

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Girls, K-12 schools

Machanga Girls Education

36 sponsors needed now

Girls in Machanga District, Sofala Province, Mozambique, face obstacles to schooling: distance, poor transportation, financial and social constraints. In 2002 the United Church of Christ in Mozambique built a girls’ dormitory for Machanga secondary school which already had a boys’ dorm. Your support for Machanga girls’ education helps cover tuition fees, school supplies and healthy meal costs.

Location: Machanga, Mozambique
Partner: United Church of Christ

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K-12 schools, Orphans and vulnerable children, War-affected

Courage Unlimited

23 sponsors needed now

This program, based in Juba, assists HIV/AIDS orphans and aims to improve their quality of life, providing them with tools to make value-based decisions. Participants will receive the necessary support to not only attend but also excel in school. Time management strategies and tutoring services will be provided to help ensure that all will earn passing grades.

Location: Central Equatoria, South Sudan
Partner: Sudan Council of Churches

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K-12 schools, Teacher training

Rural Education

13 sponsors needed now

Because of poverty, illiterate parents and lack of documents, many rural Nepali children never attend school. Their parents may work in stone quarries or other hard physical jobs. Children often do much the same work as their parents do. Education offers a brighter future. Global Family supports teacher training and provides education materials and tuition for vulnerable children in Banke, Dhading and Morang districts.

Location: Banke, Dhading and Morang Districts, Nepal
Partner: Sansthagat Bikas Sanjal

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Starlight Academy

0 sponsors needed now

Starlight Academy is located in Kola, Machakos County. Kola is a small market with many single mothers who do not have the resources to provide for their children. They either find casual labor or start their own businesses. Your support provides quality education and care for children from trained and experienced teachers while their mothers work for food and other necessities.

Location: Kola, Machakos, Kenya
Partner: Starlight Academy School

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Early childhood education, Informal education, K-12 schools, Mennonite/Brethren in Christ programs

Proyecto MAMA

Proyecto MAMA

251 sponsors needed now

Rural communities in Honduras often lack adequate schools, teachers, books and materials. The Honduran Evangelical Mennonite Church runs 10 preschools, eight basic education centers and three tutoring centers in 12 communities near San Pedro Sula. Your support trains educators, provides teaching materials, mentors parents and gives scholarships to more than 130 high school students.

Location: Cortez and Yoro Departments, Honduras
Partner: Proyecto MAMA (Mujeres Amigas Miles Apart)

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K-12 schools, Peace education, War-affected

Help the Afghan Children

185 sponsors needed now

Afghanistan’s children have suffered more than almost any other population in the world. Help the Afghan Children restores basic education, in cooperation with Afghanistan’s Education Ministry. Your Global Family support funds computer, peace and environmental education in five schools. Your gifts also support HTAC’s first model school in Afghanistan, in Kabul Province.

Location: Samangan and Kabul Provinces, Afghanistan
Partner: Help the Afghan Children (HTAC)

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K-12 schools, Mennonite/Brethren in Christ programs, Peace education, War-affected

Peer Mediation

84 sponsors needed now

Cali, Colombia’s third largest city, faces high levels of violence, including in its schools. Global Family partner Edupaz works in schools, empowering students and teachers with training in peer mediation of conflicts. Your contribution helps pay for training workshop leaders, materials and transportation.

Location: Cali, Colombia
Partner: Edupaz

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