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K-12 schools, Mennonite/Brethren in Christ programs, Teacher training

Menno Kids Academy

24 sponsors needed now

Half a million people live in Mathare North, a poor district in Nairobi. Single mothers struggle to support their children with short-term jobs like washing clothes or collecting garbage. Most children live hand to mouth. Education gives families a chance to break the cycle of poverty. Your gift supports 460 students from preschool to grade 8 by providing books, food, sanitation and teacher stipends.

Location: Mathare North, Nairobi, Kenya
Partner: Menno Kids Academy

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Mukuru Mennonite Academy

39 sponsors needed now

Embakasi, Nairobi, is crowded and prone to flooding. Roads are poorly constructed. There are water and power shortages. But the Embakasi community is strong. Residents host trainings, organize clean-up days and support Mukuru Mennonite Academy for children who otherwise couldn’t afford school. Your donation funds teacher training and stipends, school renovations and nutritious meals for students.

Location: Embakasi, Nairobi, Kenya
Partner: Embakasi Mennonite Church

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K-12 schools, Orphans and vulnerable children, Teacher training

Village Altonodji

Village Altonodji

153 sponsors needed now

War and AIDS have left thousands of children vulnerable around Moundou, Chad. Village Altonodji serves 300 of these children. It offers kindergarten through high school with nine dormitories and a bakery, library, chapel and sewing workshop on site. Your gift trains student leaders and staff and provides school supplies, food and uniforms for students.

Location: Moundou, Chad
Partner: Société pour L’Enfanceet le Développement au Tchad (SCPEDT)

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Matabeleland South

69 sponsors needed now

The schools of Matabeleland South are among the poorest in Zimbabwe. School infrastructure is dilapidated and in some cases hazardous. Over 700 students attend Dekezi, Madume, Nyandeni and Sitezi Secondary Schools. Your support repairs classrooms, trains teachers, purchases textbooks and provides school fees and uniforms for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Location: Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe
Partner: Matabeleland South Schools


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Matabeleland North

47 sponsors needed now

Dismal salaries have forced many qualified teachers to leave Zimbabwe. Many Matabeleland schools are in the hands of high school graduates with no teaching qualifications. Your support provides teacher training and supplies to seven secondary schools in Binga and Hwange Districts, and helps them meet the minimum standards for government registration.

Location: Binga and Hwange Districts, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe
Partner: Binga and Hwange Secondary Schools

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Early childhood education, Informal education, K-12 schools, Mennonite/Brethren in Christ programs

Proyecto MAMA

Proyecto MAMA

248 sponsors needed now

Rural communities in Honduras often lack adequate schools, teachers, books and materials. The Honduran Evangelical Mennonite Church runs 10 preschools, eight basic education centers and three tutoring centers in 12 communities near San Pedro Sula. Your support trains educators, provides teaching materials, mentors parents and gives scholarships to more than 130 high school students.

Location: Cortez and Yoro Departments, Honduras
Partner: Proyecto MAMA (Mujeres Amigas Miles Apart)

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K-12 schools, Orphans and vulnerable children

House of Hope

House of Hope

73 sponsors needed now

Hoping to make a better life for their family, many rural Haitian parents send children to live with relatives in Port-au-Prince. Unfortunately these children often become restavek (domestic slaves)—forced to do hard labor, live in squalid conditions and endure abuse. Your gift to House of Hope provides education and life skills training to help children escape this system of violence.

Location: Carrefour Feuilles, Haiti
Partner: Ecumenical Foundation for Peace and Justice (FOPJ)

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AJOSMO Orphans

AJOSMO Orphans

78 sponsors needed now

AJOSMO (Assistance of Young Orphans without Means) is the Christian women’s union of an Evangelical church in N'Djamena, Chad. The group believes it is their Christian duty to care for widows and orphans. War and AIDS have left many orphans in Chad. Your gift helps AJOSMO pay for school fees, books, uniforms and food for hundreds of children in N'Djamena.

Location: N'Djamena, Chad
Partner: Assistance of Young Orphans without Means (AJOSMO)

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Education First

Education First

47 sponsors needed now

Kitunda Primary School serves 2,500 children living near the Dar es Salaam airport. Despite strong leadership and good community support, the school lacks many basic resources. They are receiving help from Jamii Empowerment Initiative, a program of the Tanzania Mennonite Church. Your gift provides textbooks, teaching aids and educational facilities like a library, computer room and tree nursery.

Location: Kitunda, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Partner: Jamii Empowerment Initiative (JEI)

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Girls, K-12 schools

Machanga Girls Education

36 sponsors needed now

There are few secondary schools in southern Sofala Province. Cost, distance, transportation and social constraints prevent many girls from attending. In 2002 the United Church of Christ built a girls’ dormitory at Machanga Secondary School. Your support helps to cover tuition, school supplies and nutritious meals for 40 girls from rural communities who live there.

Location: Machanga, Mozambique
Partner: United Church of Christ


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K-12 schools, Orphans and vulnerable children, War-affected

Courage Unlimited

20 sponsors needed now

South Sudan is the world's youngest country, formed in 2011. Less than 2% of its people have finished primary school. Students impacted by HIV/AIDS face even greater challenges. In addition to supplying school fees and tutoring, your support provides training in time management and values-based decisions for HIV/AIDS orphans in and around Juba.

Location: Juba, South Sudan
Partner: Sudan Council of Churches

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K-12 schools, Teacher training

Rural Education

13 sponsors needed now

Because of poverty, illiterate parents and low-quality public schools, many rural Nepali children drop out of school or never attend at all. Their parents may work in stone quarries or other hard physical jobs. Children often do the same work as their parents. Education offers a brighter future. Your gift provides school supplies and tuition for students in three districts, and trains teachers to benefit more than 1,100 children.

Location: Banke, Dhading and Morang Districts, Nepal
Partner: Sansthagat Bikas Sanjal

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Starlight Academy

0 sponsors needed now

In 2009 teacher Rhoda Silu began providing child care so mothers could sell goods at the Kola market. Today Starlight Academy educates more than 160 children from age 2 through standard 4. School fees are waived for a fifth of the students if they cannot pay. Your gift supports teacher salaries, continuing education for staff and efforts to involve parents in their children’s education.

Location: Kola, Machakos County, Kenya
Partner: Starlight Academy

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Enhancing Success in School

Enhancing Success in School

40 sponsors needed now

Laos has named a national goal: universal primary education. Student-centered teaching techniques are key to meeting this goal. Your gift provides teacher training and school supplies in two poor districts—one in the capital, the other in a rural province that was heavily bombed during the Vietnam War.

Locations: Sang Thong District, Vientiane Province and Tha Thom District, Xaysomboun Province, Laos
Partner: Sang Thong and Tha Thom District education offices

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Tumaini Brooks

64 sponsors needed now

Migrant workers on Kenya’s coffee plantations are not paid enough to support their families. Child labor, early pregnancy, crime and HIV/AIDS have kept communities poor and uneducated. With your support, the Tumaini Brooks Centre is providing meals, counseling and preschool to secondary school for 600 children in Kiambu, just outside of Nairobi. Little by little you are helping to break the cycle of poverty.

Location: Kiambu, Kenya
Partner: Tumaini Child Development Centre

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K-12 schools, Special needs students

Arab Episcopal School

Arab Episcopal School

50 sponsors needed now

Arab Episcopal School is the only school in northern Jordan that enrolls blind and visually impaired students with sighted students. It provides peace education based on democracy, respect for human rights and emphasis on volunteer work. Since its beginning in 2003 the school has grown dramatically. Your support helps finance teacher salaries and building renovations.

Location: Irbid, Jordan
Partner: Arab Episcopal School

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K-12 schools, Peace education, War-affected

Help the Afghan Children

186 sponsors needed now

Aggressive conflicts between students dropped 63% between 2011 and 2013 in eight schools in Paghman District, Kabul Province. Two-thirds of the students modeled behavior from peace classes taught by Help the Afghan Children. Your contribution expands HTAC’s work to computer classes for high school girls as well as boys at those schools, and introduces peace training at eight more schools.

Location: Paghman District, Kabul Province, Afghanistan
Partner: Help the Afghan Children (HTAC)

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K-12 schools

Community Schools Programme

821 sponsors needed now

The country of India contains more people than the continent of Africa on one-ninth of the land area. The challenges are enormous. In eastern India, illiteracy averages 30%. Only 15% of students reach high school; 7% graduate. Your contribution provides school fees, uniforms and supplies to more than 2,100 orphans and vulnerable children through 19 institutions and schools in five eastern provinces.

Location: Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal Provinces, India
Partner: Multiple schools

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Community Schools

11 sponsors needed now

Kabanana is a poor compound in Lusaka, Zambia. Water, sanitation, electricity and public education are all limited and unreliable. With your support, Chimwemwe Trust School is providing superior education to local children, including many orphans. The school believes math and English literacy are keys to gainful employment that will strengthen their community.

Location: Lusaka, Zambia
Partner: Chimwemwe Trust School


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Latin Patriarchate School

Latin Patriarchate School

6 sponsors needed now

Zababdeh is a predominantly Christian village in the West Bank. Here the Catholic parish operates Latin Patriarchate School, educating Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox and Muslim students. Part of the school’s Christian ministry is to provide a place where Christians and Muslims can meet peacefully and become friends. Your gift funds scholarships, books and classroom furnishings.

Location: Zababdeh, Palestine
Partner: Latin Patriarchate School

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West Bengal Education

82 sponsors needed now

Across eastern India, only 15% of students reach high school; 7% graduate. Your gift provides school fees, counseling and medical assistance to orphans and other vulnerable students in West Bengal province. It also purchases classroom furniture and equipment, funds special trainings and meets other school needs. About 280 students graduate each year.

Location: West Bengal Province, India
Partner: MCC India

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Rural Primary Education

Rural Primary Education

12 sponsors needed now

In Prey Veng Province parents often keep children out of school to work. When schools offer a nutritious meal, children are more likely to attend—and to concentrate well in class. Your gift purchases food, pays for a cook and trains an early childhood education teacher at schools in Angkearhdei and Proom. It also provides free traditional music and dance classes to poor children in Rong Damrey.

Location: Peareang District, Cambodia
Partner: Angkearhdei, Proom and Songkahak Komar schools

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K-12 schools, Mennonite/Brethren in Christ programs, Peace education, War-affected

Peer Mediation

84 sponsors needed now

Many students in Cali’s poorest neighborhoods have fled violence in rural Colombia. In those city neighborhoods, soaring unemployment, drug use, gang violence and domestic problems all spill into the schools. Edupaz empowers students, teachers and parents with training in peer mediation of conflicts. Your contribution pays workshop leaders, materials and transportation.

Location: Cali, Colombia
Partner: Edupaz

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K-12 schools, Mennonite/Brethren in Christ programs

BIC Schools

78 sponsors needed now

After a decade of economic decline, Zimbabwe’s once-proud education system is in disarray. Matabeleland suffers some of the worst neglect. Crumbling schools close; poor salaries turn teachers away. Your gift allows four Brethren in Christ schools to repair roofs, floors, windows and doors, purchase adequate desks and chairs, and rebuild a qualified teaching staff.

Location: Matabeleland, Zimbabwe
Partner: Brethren in Christ Church

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Ethnic minorities, K-12 schools, Teacher training

Hope School

50 sponsors needed now

Twa people (Batwa) often have been mistreated in Burundi. Many Twa children grow up believing they are inferior. Hope School of Nyangungu was created by Batwa for Batwa and other vulnerable children. It integrates Twa, Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups among students and teachers. Your contribution pays teacher salaries and training and provides school supplies and furniture.

Location: Mutaho, Burundi
Partner: Union Chrétienne pour l'Éducation et le Développement des Déshérités (UCEDD)

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