MCC Bangladesh (MCCB) will be launching a School for Promoting Peace (SPP) starting in April 2014. The School of Peace Advisor will accompany national staff in developing this exciting new venture. The Advisor will work in recruiting organizations to take part in the SPP’s courses and offer logistical support in the running of the courses. S/he will develop a network of other organizations that are doing peacebuilding in the area and set up a resource centre for sharing peace related materials. There will be a focus on linking grassroots peace work with current academic research. The worker will also monitor and write progress reports on the outcomes of SPP’s work. S/he will be supervised by the MCC Representatives for Bangladesh, and will work closely with the Director of School for Promotion of Peace and the Program Officer.

Interested individuals are asked to submit a cover letter and resume to their nearest MCC office before Thursday, June 19.


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3 years
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