The connecting peoples (CP) coordinator will be responsible for administrating the various programs of MCC Honduras that involve exchanges between people. MCC views "connecting" work as a key component of peace-building and advocacy. The focus of this position is to initiate and maintain the connecting work of MCC Honduras and Anabaptist churches in North and Central America, including north-south, south-south and south-north exchanges. The CP coordinator is also responsible for managing MCC's one-year, young-adult exchange programs in Honduras. In all of these connections, the CP coordinator will seek to expand the work of advocacy at local, national, and international levels in solidarity with local churches, organizations, and partners.

Note: MCC is open to a couple sharing this role. Both spouses would need to bring related skills and experience, and a broader set of responsibilities would be developed. This assignment is not recommended for a family with children due to frequent travel.

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Full time
3 years
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San Pedro Sula