MCC supports HIV/AIDS support groups in Nepal through partner organization Sacriya that raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in communities and educate others about HIV/AIDS.

Coordonnateur ou coordonnatrice du programme Menno-San

DR Congo

Le MCC s’attend à ce que tous ses travailleurs fassent preuve des engagements suivants: une foi chrétienne personnelle et une vie de disciple, être membre actif d’une église locale et un artisan de la paix sans recourir à la violence.

Ermina Boskovic and her two children Leila and Dino together at their home in Sanski Most, Bosnia.

Ecumenism Promoter

San Cristobal de las Casas

The Ecumenism Promoter will be working to strengthen the implementation of the different community peace and development projects with an emphasis on ecumenism.

This photo was taken in the village of Laksham in the Noakali district of Bangladesh.

Food Security Advisor


MCC Nepal’s food security projects involve increasing agricultural production and strengthening livelihoods, improving nutrition knowledge, and building the capacity of local farmers’ groups and community-based organizations.

MCC relief kits and blankets are distributed in Bahrka district of northern Iraq.

MCC Eastern Congo Coordinator

DR Congo

This service worker coordinates MCC Congo’s involvements in Eastern Congo in close association with the Church of Christ in Congo (ECC).

Leah Wang talks about the foreign language program at Sea Turtle Foreign Language Training. Leah Wang is the founder of Peace in China, a cross-cultural and peacebuilding training program, and Sea Turtle Foreign Language Training, an extracurricular English language training program for children in China.

MCC Tanzania Peacebuilding Networker


This position will work in collaboration with the MCC Tanzania Peacebuilding Coordinator to develop MCC Tanzania’s peacebuilding programming in new directions and serve as a consultant to its current peacebuilding project partners.

MCC supports partner organization Sacriya in Nepal in working with HIV/AIDS support groups which raise awareness and educate communities about HIV/AIDS. Ramba Maya Khamcha is a member of a support group and lives just outside the town of Tansen.  She is living with HIV and has two children, Deepak, her son, and baby Janaki, her daughter.

Menno-Santé Program Coordinator

DR Congo

This worker will oversee a MCC health partnership with the Congo Mennonite and Mennonite Brethren churches in western Congo.  The service worker will be based in Kinshasa but with responsibilities in the areas around Kikwit, Tshikapa and Kajiji.   Project management and communication skills will

YAMENers (left to right) Walter Rene Diaz Sequeira, Cindy Yessenia Padilla Salinas, Gabriela Yaninne Rojas Avila, and Ilich Magdiel Aviles Ramirez participate in an orientation session in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, on August 15, 2013.

Partnership and Relations Facilitator


The Partnership and Relations Facilitator will regularly meet with colony leaders/individuals to identify areas of collaboration with Low German Mennonite (LGM) communities, between LGM communities and/or LGM to non-LGM entities.

The Opari Peace Committee in Magwi County, Eastern Equatoria, South Sudan, brings together people in their communities to help them resolve disputes in a peaceful way. (MCC Photo/Nina Linton)

Promotor/a de Ecumenismo

San Cristobal de las Casas

La persona Promotora de Ecumenismo fortalecerá la implementación de diferentes proyectos de construcción de paz y desarrollo comunitario, con un énfasis en ecumenismo. Este trabajo se realizará a través de una organización asociada – Instituto de Estudios e Investigación Intercultural – INESIN.

Scenery around the hospital of Mukedi, western Democratic Republic of Congo.

Seed Program Co-Facilitators -Africa Great Lakes

Africa Great Lakes Region

Two Co-Facilitators will organize and implement a new Seed program in the Africa Great Lakes region, in which 9 young adults from Burundi, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), as well as from Canada, the United States of America (USA) or Europe, will gather for a 2 year period of r

Student Edgar Gutierrez Paton completes his school work at Jireh, a project that provides nutritional meals and school support for 46 children who have been underage workers or who come from very poor families in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

MCC Representatives for Bolivia

Santa Cruz

This position is for a person or most likely a couple, to manage and give guidance to a large and diverse MCC program in Bolivia, with some additional connections in the Southern Cone.

The Al Samaneh children anticipate a bright future in Canada.

Guest House Host/Caretaker

British Columbia

MCC BC's guest house seeks to provide comfortable lodging and Christian hospitality for volunteers of MCC and related organizations, families from out of town who are supporting children/family members who need medical care, itinerant missions workers, guests of MCC and its partners.

photos of pha, a typical food or breakfast in Vietnam.

Facilitador de Agricultura Tradicional y Acceso a la T


CCM es una organización patronal de igualdad de oportunidad y se compromete a equidad en el empleo. CCM valora mucho la diversidad e invita la solicitud de todo/a candidato/a competente.  

Scenery around the hospital of Mukedi, western Democratic Republic of Congo.

Facilitador para el Empoderamiento de Mujeres


CCM es una organización patronal de igualdad de oportunidad y se compromete a equidad en el empleo. CCM valora mucho la diversidad e invita la solicitud de todo/a candidato/a competente.  

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Nour Barkouk, 15, and Ihsan Abozalam, 16, students in Popular Aid for Relief and Development (PARD)'s remedial lesson project, an after school enrichment program for Palestinian children displaced from the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Beirut.

Laos Exchange Coordinator


The Exchange Coordinator is responsible for assisting the MCC Lao program by facilitating the Global Service Learning (GSL) exchange program for young adults and by assisting in a variety of program areas that benefit program implementation.  The Exchange Coordinator will coordinate the Global Se

Photo taken in the district of Latehar in the village of Turkatand where MCC supports projects related to water, food and agriculture through the Mennonite church in India.

Traditional Agriculture and Land Access Facilitator


This assignment is a secondment to FUNDAMAYA, MCC´s current partner in the Ixil Region. FUNDAMAYA coordinates their work with a youth network called Chemol Txumb´al (weaving knowledge) and this network will directly implement the project activities.