The Partnership and Relations Facilitator will regularly meet with colony leaders/individuals to identify areas of collaboration with Low German Mennonite (LGM) communities, between LGM communities and/or LGM to non-LGM entities. This position is to continue crucial MCC Bolivia LGM work by partnering with willing Bolivian LGM communities in building their capacities for improving quality of life through enhanced mental health, education, knowledge of and access to basic tools needed to address community needs. Furthermore, this position is to shift the methodology of MCC's LGM work in Bolivia closer to MCC partnership models. The shift towards partnership seeks to strengthen local structures/leadership rather than mostly strengthening MCC structures. At its core it is a shift from “doing things for,” towards “doing things with.” The Partnership and Relations Facilitator will provide leadership for the six-member Low German Mennonite Work (LGMW) team. This position is supervised by the MCC Representatives for Bolivia.

Full time equivalent: 
Full time
3 years
Start date: 
Monday, January 26, 2015