Capacity Building Coordinator for Eastern Congo

Bukavu South Kivu Province

The Eastern Congo Capacity Building Coordinator is tasked with mentoring and building capacity of local partners towards greater independence and sustainability and, alongside the MCC Eastern DR Congo Program Coordinators, will assist in all planning, monitoring and evaluation activities.

Conservation Agriculture Coordinator - Nicaragua


In addition to serving as MCC Nicaragua's Conservation Agriculture Coordinator, this position will be partially seconded to the Asociación Cristiana de Jovenes (ACJ) / Young People’s Christian Association.

Designer for Haitian Artisanal Fair Trade Organization

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

In a challenging political and economic environment, and with limited natural resources, Haitian artisans have developed sophisticated and creative techniques to support their livelihoods through beautiful art and handmade crafts.

Donor Relations Associate Director


The Donor Relations Associate Director implements initiatives with the view to strengthen the current donor base and reach new audiences to increase fundraising performance. The position supervises the Donor Support Team and the Project Discovery Positions.

Environmental Engineer - Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

This service worker will become part of the community at Anafora Retreat Center, a place for quiet reflection and mutual encounter between different traditions.

International Short-term Management Consultants

MCC regularly has need of experienced evaluators, program managers, and others with relevant qualifications, for short-term assignments. Specific assignments can include interim program staffing and administration (i.e.

Legislative Assistant and Communications Coordinator

Washington D.C.

This is a full-time position; half of the role involves public policy advocacy, focused primarily on mass incarceration and needed reforms to the U.S. criminal justice system, with a secondary focus on several other policy concerns (gun policy, lethal drones, Native concerns).

MCC Representative for Chad


The Representative oversees all aspects of the MCC Chad program.

MCC Representative for Democratic Republic of Congo


The MCC Congo Representative will provide administrative support and leadership for MCC service workers, locally hired staff, and program partners in DRC.

MCC Representative for Egypt


The Egypt Representative(s) are responsible for the management and vision of the Egypt MCC program which has been in existence since the late 1960s. MCC Egypt partners with the Coptic Orthodox, Coptic Evangelical and Anglican Churches and their service agencies.

MCC Representative for Guatemala & El Salvador

Guatemala City

The MCC representative provides vision, strategic direction and leadership to the work of MCC in Guatemala and El Salvador within MCC Latin America/Caribbean regional parameters.

MCC Representative for Lebanon and Syria


The MCC Representatives for Lebanon and Syria, based in Beirut, is responsible for a wide variety of programming and relationships. MCC works in partnership with local civil society organizations and churches through grants, training, networking, and provision of material resources.

Monitoring/Eval Advisor in Agricultural Development


While Haiti is usually portrayed as a country stuck in poverty, environmental degradation, and political crisis, it is also a country of vast potential with hundreds of effective grassroots organizations working to improve lives, protect the environment, and build stronger communities from the bo

Program Assistant - MCC Honduras & CASM

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

(Versión en español incluida.) This assignment is split between two different organizations: MCC Honduras and CASM (Comisión de Acción Social Menonita), both located in San Pedro Sula.

Project Coordinator (ODE) Burkina Faso


The Project Coordinator with ODE (Office of Development of the Federation of Evangelical Missions and Churches of Burkina Faso) would work with the Canadian Food Grains Bank (CFGB) and the Food Resource Bank of the United States (FRB) in agriculture projects currently run by ODE.