Keeping clean is an important part of remaining healthy, but families who have fled their homes because of disaster or war often struggle to afford these necessary supplies. Hygiene kits also are given through schools or orphanages to encourage healthy habits for children. 

45,167 hygiene kits shipped last year to Jordan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Syria, Serbia, Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea), Honduras, Lebanon, Haiti, Ukraine, El Salvador, Iraq and the U.S.

Contents (NEW items, in original packaging) 

  • 1 adult-size toothbrush
  • 1 large bar bath soap
  • 1 fingernail clipper (good quality)
  • 1 hand towel (dark color)

Thank you for limiting your generosity to the items listed. Due to strict regulations some countries have on the expiration date of toothpaste, MCC no longer asks for toothpaste to be donated with the kits. Instead, we will provide toothpaste with the kits when they ship from our warehouse.

Hygiene kits are distributed in a useful, double-drawstring cloth bag (11in x 16in). You may:

  • sew the bag yourself
  • request bags from an MCC material resources center or
  • donate contents that we will place in a bag.

Bring completed kits to an MCC drop-off location