Ask your senator to support Food for Peace Reform Act

Action: Call your senator today and ask him or her to co-sponsor the Food for Peace Reform Act (S.2421). Background: Senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and Chris Coons (D-DE) have recently introduced a bipartisan bill that seeks to modernize the Food for Peace Act, one of the programs through which the U.S. government provides emergency food aid overseas. The Food for Peace Reform Act of 2014 will:

Thank the White House for halting missile transfer

Thank the White House for halting the transfer of Hellfire missiles to Israel, and call on Congress to support this policy. Background: The latest conflict between the Israeli military and Palestinian groups in Gaza has claimed the lives of more than 2,000 Palestinians and 67 Israelis, and resulted in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. The destruction of Gaza has been catastrophic.

Protect children and families fleeing violence

Protect children and families fleeing violence Last week, Congress headed home for its August recess without reaching an agreement on how to address increasing numbers of Central American children and families arriving at our border. Meanwhile, the Obama administration is opening new family detention centers and quickly deporting women and children, often without due process, back to the dangerous situations from which they fled. There are several actions you and your congregation can take during August to help Central American migrants.

Stop the violence and address underlying causes

Call on Congress to stop U.S. complicity in suffering and to support a just peace in Palestine and Israel.

Urge compassion for families fleeing Central America

Urge Congress and the President to treat migrants from Central America with compassion ACTION: