Continue to support Pastor Max and others

Actions: 1. Call Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson's office at (202) 282-8203 (more details below) 2. Consider contributing to a fund for Max’s family

Support negotiated deal with Iran

Urge your Members of Congress to support a negotiated deal with Iran. Background: The U.S. and five other nations are engaged in negotiations with Iran regarding its nuclear program. The goal is to reach a framework agreement by the end of March, with a final agreement by the end of June. An agreement on Iran’s nuclear program would be a significant step toward reducing tensions in the region.

Support Mennonite Pastor Max Villatoro

UPDATE: Pastor Villatoro may be deported as soon as Tuesday, March 17. Please make a call now! Actions: Call ICE at (202) 732-3000 (more details below) Send a letter to President Obama  

SAVE THE DATE: Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia

Tomorrow’s Peace Starts Today | La Paz de Mañana Empieza Hoy We are encouraged by the continuation of peace talks between the Colombian government and the FARC and wait hopefully for peace accords to be signed in the near future.

Vote no on war authorization

Ask your members of Congress to vote no on authorizing the use of military force. Background: President Obama has proposed an “Authorization for the Use of Military Force” (AUMF) against the Islamic State group. Members of Congress will debate the president’s proposal over the next several weeks and the House and Senate will then vote on final legislation. As proposed by the president, the AUMF: