Action: Call on Congress to help put an end to gun violence in our communities.

Background: While faith-based and other grassroots activists are building a movement on local and state levels, action by the U.S. Congress to address gun violence remains severely inadequate and stalled.

To effectively curb gun violence, federal policymakers must legislate and execute laws that would:

  • eliminate illegal gun trafficking and straw purchasing,
  • pass universal background checks on all gun transactions,
  • ban firearms with unnecessary and harmful military-grade elements that have little to no hunting or sporting use, and
  • support mental health services and research on how to holistically address gun violence in this nation.

Faith reflection: Jesus taught his followers to rebuke violence and to participate in the Kingdom work that turns all forms of death into life. For more Christian reflections on gun violence and self-defense, see pages 5-8 of MCC's Preventing Gun Violence guide.

Action: Urge your members of Congress to support legislation to help end gun violence in our communities.

Alert prepared by Agnes Chen, Legislative Assistant and Communications Coordinator, on May 7, 2014.