How to be an advocate

Christian political advocacy is a powerful opportunity for us to engage policy makers from a faith-based perspective and to show love for our neighbors in a tangible way.

Visiting a legislator's office, either locally or in Washington, D.C., is the most effective way for a citizen to do advocacy. Meeting locally with your legislator works best during congressional recesses.

Washington Office

Do you want to dig deeper, to learn how you can address the root causes of hunger, poverty and violence? At the MCC U.S. Washington Office, we are in touch with MCC staff around the world so that we can better advocate for U.S. government policies that make for a more peaceful and just world. Your voices are critical in this process, so join us today!


In order to do our work of relief, development and peace, it’s important that MCC addresses policies that contribute to poverty and injustice. Advocacy is how we do that.

At MCC we base our advocacy on what we hear from workers and partners on the ground; as Christians, we believe loving our neighbors means their voices shape our messages to governments.

Some of our advocacy work includes: